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Long weekends - perfect for a cooking class

The June long weekend is around the corner. Just where did the first six months of the year go to? In my mind, it's still April. As I sit and attempt to keep on top of my admin, but get a little distracted by Instagram posts, I am inspired to run back-to-back Italian cooking classes over the upcoming long weekend. Which would otherwise see me weeding, painting, cleaning, or anything other than admin ...

So if you love leaving your plans to the last minute, or, like me, are caught unaware of the weeks flying by, join me in one or both of our classes in Katoomba. It will allow you to have a couple of slower-paced days in a beautiful part of our State, the Blue Mountains - which just happens to be Ryan Reynold's favourite thing about Australia (one of the posts I saw while being distracted).

Saturday 8th June: Pasta and Sauce Making

Details here

Sunday 9th June: Pizza Making Class

Details here

If you would like to do both classes, please email us to receive a discount.

Of course, if you are way more organised than I am, and have your plans in order for next weekend (yes, the June long weekend is that close!), we have many other class options to choose from and book any time you want, which you can see here.

Whatever you are doing next weekend, make it memorable and make it slow. See you soon.


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