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So what will you experience at one of our classes at Fifth Ave Katoomba Retreat?

Expect to immerse yourself in how we live – lots of fresh food (including homegrown) prepared in simple quick ways yet so full of flavour, you'll want to come back for more. Pasta alla Norma. Stuffed zucchini. Crisp arancini. Light and fluffy gnocchi. Homemade bread. Wine, espresso and tiramisu to name a few.


Participants arrive as strangers and leave as family. They love the hands-on aspect of the class and the sit-down meal, a long-standing custom throughout Italy. What better way to leave your usual routine behind than with such a memorable experience? 

No time for a class but you want to book accommodation only? 

We can provide a range of our home-cooked meals for your stay. With so many bush walks and cultural sites for you to discover in the Blue Mountains, your time in this part of NSW will no doubt include lots of outdoor exploring. Coming home to really good wholesome and delicious homemade food is certainly the icing on the cake! Click for Details.

Since 2011, guests have remarked on our high standards consistently which shows how essential this is. Guests feel the love and care that has gone into the preparation of our self-contained house and the classes each time which only comes from a self-managed family-run business.

We're looking forward to hosting you soon.

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