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Basic Pasta Dough - no egg

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I love watching cooking shows on TV, especially the ones that showcase glorious far away destinations. Now that's what I call a good job!! So you would be surprised to see just how different our pasta dough looks to that soft pliable egg dough always shown on these programs. The reason is we don't use egg.

Take a look at just how crumbly our dough is at the start yet it turns into beautiful silky strands of pasta.

There's no real reason you need to use egg when making a basic pasta dough. In fact, the benefits include allowing the pasta to air dry so it will store in your pantry for years. I've got pasta I've made three years ago, and counting. Absolutely perfect. Plus if anyone in your family has an intolerance to eggs, you're all set.

Follow these basic steps below and you will have fresh pasta dough ready to turn into any shape you want.

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