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No Boxing Day qeues for this cat.

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Happy Boxing Day! Did you sleep in, lounge about, hit the sales, call a few friends, check your Instagram, drag out the old (or new!) Monopoly, open your gifts?!? I don’t know about you but these are a few choices that go through my mind on a day off. So I decided to make fresh ravioli by hand for dinner (can’t seem to change my spots!). Actually I made the ricotta and spinach ones a few nights ago for an impromptu dinner with neighbours. Melt in your mouth food heaven!!! Today I made the meat filled type with #noegg in either the pasta dough or the filling. I may just stick to the same sauce as the other night – little bit of butter, olive oil and fresh (really really really fresh!!) basil from my aunt’s garden. Thank you Zia N 😘 ps: I got to do most of the above too but definitely avoided those mad, and long, sales queues!

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