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How to cook like an Italian!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Born from a desire to utilise the space midweek, we started running Italian cooking classes at Fifth Ave Katoomba and found that people loved them. Their comments often included phrases such as "felt like part of the family", "so very family", "genuine hospitality and down to earth". The best part was that we got to enjoy their company too! So a second tier to my business was created, and between you and me, a heck nicer than house keeping!

Did you ever just want to get into that kitchen and whip up something sensational? I know I did and with my impressive range of cook books, our dining table should be a veritable smorgasbord. But it's Friday night and reality hits. I'm tired.

But endless takeaway meals do become rather tedious. And we ARE trying to be more conscious of our general health and wellbeing.

It's a well known formula that making something enjoyable is half the battle. I don't know about you but following a recipe from a cook book just doesn't cut it. Being with like minded people where everyone takes part in turning the recipe into reality is so much better!

Our classes are hands on and loads of fun. Whether you join one of our dates or book your own private group, you WILL go home having made great connections. The increased bonding between family members is priceless.

Ranging from fresh pasta, different sauces, classic meatballs and more you will expand your dinner choices beyond Spag Bol! Don't be surprised if friends start dropping by for dinner more often.

Classes include eating what's made in class, wine and of course – no Italian meal is complete without an espresso coffee to finish. Kids will get dessert. Ok, adults will get a dessert too :)

Accommodation and Class Packages also available, should you wish to make a weekend of it in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Email us for a customised quote

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