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How to make fresh ravioli from scratch

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Want to eat well but can't go out to a restaurant?! Why don't you try your hand at making fresh ravioli? It's not hard and you may want to keep on making them once you start. They are a great activity to do with some friends or your kids - which will help stem the stir crazy-ness we are all feeling. Once you’ve eaten freshly made ravioli you will never look at store bought in the same light again.

There are three basic parts to making your own ravioli: the pasta dough, the filling and the sauce.

Earlier this year we held a class for children aged 9 to 13, with an accompanying adult. They all learnt how to make fresh pasta sheets, followed by two ravioli fillings (meat and ricotta) and finally how to assemble them.

I can tell you, this was one of our best classes to date! The kids were very engaged and totally enjoyed the day spent with their mum or aunt. It was also lovely to see the adults relax for a few hours, whilst the children pretty much took charge :)

Here's my recipe for meat filled ravioli. Make sure you also check out the ricotta and cheese filled recipe on the blog. And you will find recipes to make basic pasta dough and sauce on the blog as well.

Of course, you can top the ravioli with any sauce you like. I quite like the meat filled ones in a simple but very tasty broth. This is a superb combination as the ravioli are not over powered by the sauce. The broth is an excellent choice, whether vegetable or chicken.

Our Italian cooking classes may be booked for private groups of 4 to 8. More information on the Classes page.

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