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Capturing moments that will last a lifetime

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Sitting at my computer desk, I see a lot of neat little piles of paperwork that have patiently been waiting for me to attend to them. Lord knows, I can't use the excuse of not having free time ... but it's such an unglamorous task that I'd rather do anything else. Even housework. No wait. So I've decided cleaning out my Inbox is less arduous and mind numbing, so yep I choose that. Besides, if the inbox was a tangible one, it would have imploded by now. Who needs the Cloud when I can find it all here right back to 2007?

The task was worth doing as I've come across some gems in the form of photographs, taken by my niece Marcella Gallace earlier this year at my daughter's birthday lunch. I've said it before, but there really is no end to Marcie's talent.

Quietly spoken (but don't get her mad), her repertoire includes ink illustration, fiction writing, interviewing Australian Grand Prix motor cycle racer Jack Miller among others, and running the communication department at her current job. And amateur photography that is anything but.

The unofficial family photographer at our gatherings, Marcella sees details that the rest of us don't. She sits and waits for just the right moment, capturing beautiful moments and funny expressions. I was amazed to find her photo of myself in this lot today where I look relaxed and natural. For those of you who may bump into me at the shops in Katoomba, you would be forgiven in thinking this is not me. In my defence, I'm usually in work clothes covered in soil or paint etc. And I must apologise to the plumber who had to experience what I look like when I've just gotten out of bed because I did not set an alarm to be up and ready before he got there ...

I'm not really photogenic. And I do love to pull a face when I see a camera lens lurking. Years ago, I started compiling an album dedicated just to these faces of mine. I don't take myself too seriously. Still, it is nice to think I can look good when life is good and we are surrounded by lovely people, enjoying some great moments together.

So a big thank you to my niece for helping to capture special moments that we might otherwise miss. Especially needed at the moment. Some of these are worthy of being printed and put up on display – which could be another reason why I can avoid that paperwork for a bit longer.

Here's a link to one of Marcella's articles on the MotoGP.

Photos by Marcella Gallace

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