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Schooling from home - Day 7:

Day 7 has come and gone and things are changing – already.

My daughter is getting up at five minutes to 9am, spending more time in her pjs and even doing schoolwork in bed. I’ve got to admit I’m relishing not having to hear the alarm at 6.45am (and it’s getting later and later by the day).

Actually I’m being too hard on myself as I’m fully productive each day, and possibly more so – is it just me, or is there added pressure to make the most of all this time we've been given? One of the benefits of working from home surely, was an absence of all makeup, putting my hair in an elastic and maybe a shower?

I jest.

Back to my daughter, it only took her one week to realise how sedentary she was becoming. As she said, at school she’d be walking from class to class, usually from one side of the campus to the other. And plenty of stairs in between.

She’s taken the initiative to schedule in three exercise breaks. According to her, at 10.30, 3.30 and I forget the last time. I think we’d already changed the subject. Seriously though, I thought this was great as I could do it with her. Heck, hubby could certainly benefit.

To be precise, I haven’t taken part once and my daughter keeps putting it off. Thankfully, her martial arts classes now send her videos to keep up the training. I wonder, could I ...?

Speaking of video classes, there’s been a few hiccups. She’s part of a group singing class but Zoom isn’t coping with more than one person singing at once. We're told to stay tuned.

Privacy issues have reared. The video option must be turned off if an adult isn’t present with the student. They can also turn on the Mute option so students aren’t heard by the others. It doesn’t seem to stop my daughter’s requests for a glass of water please mum. Or can you bring me my phone charger – what’s for lunch??

And this morning, she reminded me that “they can see you” as I opened up her window, in my dressing gown and bed hair ...

My husband’s work meetings are evolving too. Apparently it’s not appropriate to work from home wearing trackie dacks. So the collared shirt is back on (I’m pretty sure it’s dacks below deck).

I’m often tempted to pull a face at him as I walk by, knowing he can’t respond while his boss is talking. It’s a shame the boss can’t see the sign language going on.

Still, I overheard hubby this morning on the phone saying, “mate, working from home is no holiday, believe me.” He’s still trying to find the right space in which to work from. At the moment he and my daughter have swapped. She’s back in her room and he’s in the dining room. Bonus for me – I get my studio back. Mind you, there’s enough space for all three of us to work there. Walls will need to be built ...

He still gets his morning coffee from the local cafe, the difference now is he walks there. On one trip, which has always been early, he popped over to Coles to buy my A2 milk (it seems to be m.i.a.) but was stopped at the entry because it was the elders hour. Honestly, all I asked is “what IS the actual age range? You must be close.” 😊

Some of the surprise pluses:

- my daughter’s cooking skills are improving. Realising I’m not going to drop everything and cater to her whims, she’s getting more creative at lunchtime and whipping up a quick pesto pasta!

- the cat is a lot friendlier – she’s thinks it’s Saturday all the time. On that note, what day is it??

Sharing a house around the clock with two others and the cat is a little challenging but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

Saffron, the cat, saying hello
Saffron saying hello

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