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Schooling from Home - Day 1:

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

An odd day.

Being used to having no one around me during the day, I’ve got my daughter who’s in Yr 11, working from the dining room via Zoom. When I ask her what is it, she says and I quote “Mum, it’s literally just Face Time” probably with the obligatory roll of the eyes, standard to a teenager.

Today happens to be her 16th birthday. I’m happy to see she tunes into her scheduled lesson via this app. Amazingly she was up and ready to work by 8.30am and she’s following her normal school timetable. Even waiting til the usual time for lunch. This could just work. But it is Day 1 ...

I’ve also been told I will need to leave the house during her singing lesson this afternoon which will also take place via Zoom - as “Mum, I need to sing loud so you should go”. I could go into my studio.

But my husband has taken that space since last week when his company told them all to work from home. Today I popped in to ask him a question but was silently shooed out. He’s on a long conference call. They're using Teams.

Thankfully there’s not much that needs attention for my business which has pretty much collapsed due to the bushfires and the C word. Except praying. ‘Cause it’s going to take a miracle to revive it, no question.

Our shared space will get interesting on my pasta making days, where the pasta seems to take over the kitchen and dining areas. I wonder how father and daughter will go working side by side in that studio?

Photo: Unsplash, Andrew Neel

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