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Experience a touch of La Dolce Vita without having to pack your suitcase!

As we head towards Spring, on the other side of the world, Summer vacation approaches. And in Italy, Ferragosto is the national holiday when people flock to the coast and mountains to celebrate time out with good friends, excellent food and a cool aperitivo (think Americano or Negroni) – often for the entire month of August. Those Italians really know how to live!

So we’re going too! At Fifth Ave Katoomba Retreat, we want you to experience a touch of the good life.

Gather your best company and over the course of four hours, indulge with delicious food, gaze out to the Blue Mountains National Reserve on our doorstep. And you may even feel compelled to dance – I can hear the Italian tunes now!

Our lunch will give you a taste of what Italians enjoy during this festival and will include:

• aperitivo and canapes to start with

• platters of fresh fruits emulating the colours of summer

• antipasto ranging from prosciutto crudo, baby peppers stuffed with cream cheese, olives and more

• traditionally cooked chicken and caponata served on a large share platter

• red and white wine, sparkling water, Italian carbonated drinks

• a light refreshing dessert to end the delicious experience.

Join us for a beautiful taste of Italy in the Blue Mountains but be quick as space is limited.

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