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A great way to bond with your child

So it's almost half way through the year and how are you feeling? For my part, I'm feeling a bit flat – what with all the rain and soggy grounds. Are you winning the fight against the mould, mildew and moss?? The other day, I managed to get as far as opening up the secateurs. Yep, that's it. No sooner had I crouched down to tidy up some plants when SPRINKLE turned into PELTING instantly.

There may be no other better rainy day activity than spending time in the kitchen creating new meals to enjoy. My family tends to be my testing ground but nine times out of ten, I get a thumbs up, thankfully. Or maybe they've given up, who knows? The best part is having left overs that get shared with the extended family or go into the freezer for those times when you simply do not want to cook. And you certainly do not want one more Uber Eats delivery ...

Every now and then I do a big clean out of the freezer and some of the discoveries are rather welcome. Ravioli of different sorts end up as that night's dinner, with a fresh new sauce. I find that olive oil and fresh herbs is usually the best option. Very light and flavoursome, and super quick.

So when a Mum booked a Ravioli Class at Fifth Ave Katoomba Retreat for herself and her wanna-be-chef child recently, I am putting the word out for you to join us. Chances are the rain will still be with us, and making ravioli really is a great bonding experience between parent and child. Or grandparent, aunt or uncle!

It's a welcome change to having the kids glued to their digital devices. Think of it as a gift to their eyesight :) Plus it gives them an understanding of where food really comes from. Remarkably, not just from the doorbell or online order.

Making fresh ravioli is not as hard as you may think. Once you’ve eaten freshly made ravioli you will never look at store bought in the same light again. I'm not joking. Regardless of what filling you choose, those soft fluffy pillows topped with a rich thick tomato sauce (or olive oil and herbs) will get eaten so fast, you'll want to have a few more. I'll be honest and confess that occasionally I am tempted to buy ravioli at a supermarket. One time I caved in. I must have been too busy and the freezer clearly empty. Well, all I can say is, that hasn't happened a second time. Know what I'm saying? Besides, once you've learned the basics, you will have the privilege of freezing your own. Our class will teach how to make fresh pasta sheets and the ravioli filling. We'll give you tips on how to assemble and cut them. You will enjoy a short break while we cook the ravioli. Enthusiasts are welcome to watch this part of the class. Then we’ll share the meal as a group.

Ideally this class is for children aged 9 to 16. What a wonderful day spent with your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. And in the peaceful surrounds of the Blue Mountains. Ah, I'm feeling relaxed (and hungry) already ...

Join us on Sunday 5th June for a memorable day out in Katoomba.


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