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It all starts with one foot in front of the other

I’ve always felt that everything happens for a reason even though it may take years to understand. And that there is no such thing as Coincidence.

I’ve also learnt not to push something. So when I struggle to write the so called obligatory daily post, I often let go of it and see what will come to me. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t.

And when Inspiration is clouded by events, this can often take longer than anticipated.

Waking up to many digital messages for a Happy New Year, the common thread is Hope for a Better 2021.

This got me thinking.

Thinking about new starts, new years, resolutions, failed plans and how to improve them, build and expand – ourselves, businesses, homes or whatever. It’s all about the future.

One of the first thoughts I had today was to go for a walk. It went like this: “You keep talking about doing this. You’ve done nothing (serious) about it. So how good will it be to start on the first day of the year – and keep it going?!”

My second thought was: “yeah right”. Literally.

Hoping and wishing is something that comes naturally and rather easy. Acting on it is not.

Replacing my walk with my latte and newspaper, a couple of stories sparked my interest. One was about a Year 12 girl topping the state in Earth and Science Environment despite the challenges of schooling from home and the other was on the deterioration of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. I'd already read Arianna Huffington's And the Word of the Year is ... "Resilience" before getting out of bed.

All these stories and messages made me look outwards. Quite literally as the grey clouds and sprinkling rain only added to my reflective mood.

If there is ever going to be a better future, we (I) need to stop hoping and planning and simply Do.

This consistent rain we’ve had is a stark contrast to the raging bushfires of last year. Whilst the practical me has not appreciated having the lawn mowed five times, the “better” me thinks this can’t be a chance event.

I picture every charred leaf and burnt tree and scorched land. I picture the 71 per cent of the Blue Mountains area affected by those bushfires. And I picture it all being regenerated by this glorious rain.

Nature heals. It doesn’t talk. It just does. Could we (I) stop hoping for a better future and simply start doing? Why is it that hard for me to go for a walk? Why is it so difficult for corporations to put people first? Why is it inconceivable for governments to give us a healthy world?

Why are the bushfire victims still homeless one year on?

Maybe it took the whole of Australia to burn down to appreciate a subdued rainy entry to the new year. Maybe this time it will only take one year, and not 100, for us to understand what has happened, and do something about it. We can't rely on the Powers That Be to act for us. Yes they have the power, but ultimately power comes from the people. Frankly, I'm looking back at those who led the French Revolution with admiration and awe. Were they the forerunners of Nike's mantra "Just do it" ?

And maybe it took the whole world to shut down for communities to band together again and see the value of self sufficiency and a small footprint. Here I think of abandoned lands in tiny Italian villages laying idle while their country dies. Is it time for this to turn around? Who will lead this change? Their government won't be. Will they utilise the (soon to become scarce) precious resource they have, and talk to the elders. Or is it better to shut them inside nursing homes away from everyone? Will all countries turn to their Elders for their wisdom, knowledge and experience?

Clearly the status quo has failed us. As we face unprecedented changes that seem to have no urgency for world leaders, it’s no coincidence that at the opposite spectrum, young people are taking things seriously and implementing real action. Whether it takes the form of youth rallies or teenage girls winning male dominated fields or young leaders like Jacinda Ardern, the future is being grabbed with both hands – and I’m excited about what’s to come – because it’s already happening now.

I don't have a New Year's post. I think I've said enough. And yes, I'm putting on my sneakers today.

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